A dream of a city within

Once upon a time, a day dawned, a day that changed everything, the day when the tale and the teller became one and her own true beauty and power was revealed to her. All at once, there were no more limits, no boundaries to what was to become her reality. She had become the master of her tale…

Welcome to the must-have experience this summer: a fresh take on the extraordinary and well-known tale of Aristocrat Kids, brought to the attention of fashion connoisseurs worldwide by Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Junior, Vogue and others. An established brand of glam and dreamy children’s fashion and known also for its Royal Baby line, Aristocrat Kids is now widening its scope and reasserting itself with a powerful vision of high fashion as the House of Aristocrat also in stunning Femme Aristocrat and Maison lines.

The couture collection ARISTOCRAT AW22/23 available this summer is a unique experience of glamorous yet timeless elegance, a true appreciation of luxury and the aesthetics of high fashion. An innovative digital fashion show is a unique first sneak peek in this collection that tells a tale of a journey we take within ourselves. A masterful lesson in storytelling, this collection is rich and lively in colour and imaginative and authentic in its abundance of different materials, showing pure joy of creation.

Chief Designer of Aristocrat Dace Samite describes her vision of an inner journey as a key to the new collection and the brand itself: “She was a princess not because of the castle she lived in but because of the one she built within her”. Fashion is to her more than the outer layer, the collections are always a tale to be told through colour, material and form.

And ARISTOCRAT AW 22/23 is a tale to remember.

The heart notes of the collection are revealed layer by layer like the ones of a painting in an ancient castle, hidden beneath the veils of centuries. A conceptual work of art, taking on the shape of high fashion, it is a daring mix of luxurious, handcrafted details and the unmistakable quality of natural materials that forges every garment into an unforgettable whole.

This collection evokes a diamond, cut to perfection and sparkling differently from every small angle, never staying the same. Its four layers represent a journey both within and without the soul of a person. It is a tale of a journey that is perceived visually.

There are four layers, the first three leading inevitably up to the final one.

blushing love

The red part is love – sometimes a red-hot passion that burns like a fire, at other times, a gentle touch of a loved one. Intricate symphony of extraordinary quality of the details, powerful colour and fine materials is an ode to the love itself and the endless inspiration it brings.

white queen

The black and white part of the collection is a symbolic representation of the idea that there can be no light without the dark. There can be no luxury in the shimmer of gold if not given a proper background of black. The darker the background, the brighter shine the light details and it is in this contrast that the true elegance is found.


Next, red becomes purple, the symbol of everything mysterious, sometimes even eerie in its extraordinary character, but always free and true to itself.


One by one, the layers lead up to the golden heart of the collection. It is like the soul – the essence of a person and it can be accessed only through all the other layers. It is beautiful in its own right but can truly be seen only through and with all the others.

COLLECTION by Dace Samite

- Liana Laksa, Dace Balode, Ija Nescotnaja, Tatjana Jurcenoka, Jolanta Senkane, Gunta Pudists, Dita Bergsteina, Gunta Pundure, Aleftina Matvejava, Helena Nata Ozola
Pattern Cutter- Inguna Kallione
Technologists- Olga Vinka, Iveta Ozola
Artistans- Inta Grīnberga, Natalia Sulmasa, Diana Grenevica, Ulla Moda Eze
Embroidery Artists- Tatjana Kolosova, Elina Kalite
Knitters- Olga Sedova-Vertlina, Kristina Kovalevska, Ieva Jana
Jewelers- RO Studio - Tereze Aploka, Roberts Jaunzems-Petersons
Shoe Masters- Wims
Bag Master- Rozenberg Leatherworks

AW 22/23