Royal atelier

Each ARISTOCRAT garment is carefully handmade, its exclusive quality guaranteed by experienced seamstresses in The House of ARISTOCRAT atelier in Riga, Latvia (EU). Each garment comes with a beautiful tag, hand-signed by the tailor, and a certificate signed by our designer – a promise of authenticity and a guarantee of quality.


Magical drawings come to life on ARISTOCRAT garments, hand embroidered with silk and cotton yarns, semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl and fine natural crystals. The handmade quality of each embroidery shows the true mastery of ARISTOCRAT atelier and makes every garment a work of art. Embroidery is an art, requiring devotion and patience, and delivering the most exquisite result. Our expert embroiderers are skilled in different techniques, like Luneville, needlework, Crewel, Goldwork, Broderie Anglaise etc. and have polished their art and expertise in world famous schools like Ecole Lesage and London Royal School of Needlework.


Our hand-painted prints are created in collaboration with different artists, each expressing their signature technique and adding to the aesthetics of the whole garment in a unique way.


ARISTOCRAT uses natural materials of the highest quality, such as silk, wool, cotton, and cashmere. Many hand-woven fabrics include innovative materials and are hand-painted and embroidered with semi-precious stones or crystal beads.

Every material ARISOCRAT selects is of the finest quality. Our philosophy is to source our materials like you would source the ingredients for the most exquisite meal, feeling the texture, breathing in the fresh smell of herbs, deciding on the perfect harmony of minute details to create a sublime symphony pleasing the palate and fascinating with its aesthetic qualities. We believe in the quality of material contributing to the pleasure the wearer feels in our garments in the same way that the quality of ingredients contributes to the pleasure created by an enjoyable meal and never settle for anything but the best.


Flowers of the finest silk adorning our garments are mostly made in traditional Japanese Somebana technique, giving each flower a life-like quality and creating an unequivocable feeling of pure luxury.


ARISTOCRAT accessories, footwear and jewelry is handmade by the best local professionals, praising our cultural heritage and preservation of artisanal savoir-faire and bespoke quality. For us, it is all about being true to our materials. We believe that fine natural materials deserve the very best treatment and careful attention to show off their genuine beauty.

Rigorous attention to the smallest detail is what defines the process of creating ARISTOCRAT garments. Each item is finished with fine, almost invisibly worked seams, the tulle underskirts are made slightly above the hem of the pure cotton lining, avoiding any skin irritation or discomfort.All bow and flower accessories are detachable to ensure safer dry cleaning.