The kaftan: a symbol of timeless elegance and spirituality during Ramadan

As the crescent moon rises, casting a gentle glow over the Earth, marking the start of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan brings a sense of reflection, self-discipline and tradition, a time to turn inward and connect with one’s values. As the days pass and the moon grows full, so does the soul, becoming more illuminated and filled with grace.
For those who seek to celebrate Ramadan in style, luxury fashion offers a myriad of ways to honour this special time. From flowy silk kaftans to intricate prayer mats, the world of high fashion is brimming with elegant and refined expressions of devotion.
The kaftan’s rich history is woven into the fabric of countless cultures, each adding its own touch to reflect its unique fashion and values. Believed to have originated in the ancient kingdoms of Persia, the kaftan was historically worn by the Ottoman sultans and crafted for royalty. While growing in allure and popularity, with intricate detailing and luxurious materials, the kaftan established itself as the symbol of status, wealth and style.
 The kaftan continued to evolve and travelled from East to West. At the turn of the 20th century, queen Victoria’s granddaughter, in her role of Czarina Alexandra, brought the garment to light in Victorian England. Later on, in the 1950s and 1960s, luxury designers, including Christian Dior and Balenciaga, incorporated kaftans into their collections. When Yves Saint Laurent, who drew inspiration from the colours of Marrakesh, crossed paths with the exotic traveller and fashion connoisseur Diana Vreeland it was prominently showcased in the pages of Vogue. The kaftan had officially arrived, marking a new era in the world of high fashion.
Similar yet distinct from the jalabiya, the kaftan is a testament to the intricacy of traditional Middle Eastern fashion. The garment, worn throughout generations, has always embodied sophistication and elegance. While the choice of material is always in the hands of the wearer, the garment can be made from close to all fabrics imaginable; natural silks and hand-woven linens make the garment ideal for the celebration. 
For the creation of Your most special garments during this month, the House of ARISTOCRAT offers a truly personalised Bespoke service, adding a contemporary touch to each look. The intricate craftsmanship of numerous artisans, luxurious fabrics, hand-painted landscapes, precious-thread embroidery as well as most delicate lace and semi-precious stones all conjoin in the individually-designed masterpieces for our clients. We encourage You to allow Your inner radiance to be reflected through the highest-quality materials and embellishments of Your choosing. Furthermore, we would like to bring your attention to one of the unique, signature treasures of the House – Amber.  
The uniqueness of Amber reaches far beyond the contemporary world –it has been the stone of nobility within the most powerful ancient empires, said to attract prosperity, protection and victory. The magical drop of golden sunshine is especially appreciated for its unparalleled natural beauty and extraordinary healing properties. The precious treasure is only found in distinct regions of the world, hence igniting a desire for Amber as an object of luxury for high-standing noble women. Formed from the resin of extinct ancestral Pinites succinifera trees and solidified beneath Earth’s surface under immense pressure for millions of years, it is the ultimate embodiment of perseverance and rejuvenation. With the passing of time, the once liquid substance transformed into a hardened, luminous material, resembling the light of the Sun and infused with the life-giving energy of the Earth. 
When dressing in such precious materials, details like gold-plated leaves inspired by the ever-gentle but prosperous Sidra tree sprouting towards the sky or the edge of Your garment thoroughly decorated with natural Amber in the warmest and most vibrant sunset colours infuse the wearer with prosperity and well-being. 
 By infusing the beautiful journey of the moon throughout Ramadan with a touch of elegance and sophistication, we can elevate our celebrations and pay tribute to the month in a truly memorable and meaningful way.

AW 22/23