When a dream becomes reality and a thought becomes matter, it is a point of no return. It is at this moment that you know – there is no way back to the life you lived before. The momentum of the idea carries you, spurred on by the power of your passion for your dream.

ARISTOCRAT has not looked back since it was established in 2013 and has gained international recognition as a luxury lifestyle brand known and praised for its bespoke quality custom order and seasonal collections. Every single piece leaving the ARISTOCRAT atelier is a gem, cut to fit and complement the personality of its wearer.

At ARISTOCRAT, we believe in the power of motion and dynamics of creativity, never stalling, always finding new ways to move forward and to inspire our customers to become an even more beautiful version of themselves and discover the fairy-tale within them.


ARISTOCRAT is all about bringing on change and waking the natural necessity to play, in children as well as in adults. It is the fairy-tale we have heard in our childhood and tell our children in an endless cycle of generations, but it is also a primal power born with and within us.

The essence of our fairy-tale is ARISTOCRAT HOOLIGAN – the rebellious, the untamed energy that drives us every step of the way, creating a fascinating play of elements, each falling into place to tell an extraordinary story of self. It is the pure spark of creativity that makes a fine garment a masterpiece and a deep understanding of luxury, that is felt rather than shown to the world outside. To become truly immersed in luxury is to be able to see more than just a glamorous surface and to be free to play with it and change it.

ARISTOCRAT HOOLIGAN is a change of perspective. It is an elegant symphony of the whole bursting with the energy of play and limitless freedom that make every piece uniquely ARISTOCRAT.


ARISTOCRAT believes in timeless fashion and creating garments that can be passed on to next
generations due to their masterful design and high quality as well as an excellent after sales
customer care.


ARISTOCRAT KIDS founder and creative director Dace Samite has a passion for details revealing the true beauty. This passion has materialized in a fairy-tale fashion brand that uses ancient techniques for bringing these details of beauty to life, always with the sparkle of true belief in the mastery artisans that put their heart and soul in their work. Known by royal tailors for generations, many of the techniques now create the signature look of ARISTOCRAT

Today, Dace has a strong vision of ARISTOCRAT reimagining itself into a genuine luxury lifestyle brand and capturing the essence of authentic beauty and true luxury.