Touch me, feel my warmth, and the life-source of ancient trees pulsing in my heart. I am the guardian of the light caressing the Earth millions and millions of years ago. I am the resin of trees long lost and gone, but still living on like a subtle breath of an ancient world and the pure energy from the time when our universe was young. Feel my weight and my ancient energy channeling through your soul and mine as one. All the power of the sun is at my fingertips as I heal body and soul.


The ancient Greeks believed amber – the resin of trees that grew on the Earth many millions of years ago – to be the tears of Heliades, the daughters of the Sun god Helios, shed in mourning for their lost brother Phaeton. This precious nature material has long been associated with the reviving power of the Sun for its colour and warmth to the touch. The beauty of amber lies within its ability to change the light and interact with it, like an ever-changing fire that never tires the eye.

Ancient civilizations treasured the majestic beauty of amber and in ancient Greece and Rome, it could be worth a fortune. The amber jewel made it as far as Egypt, where it was a royal gift given only to the Pharaohs and mighty rulers as it was so rare. Artists knew to appreciate the exquisite shades and transparent qualities of amber, while ancient leaders sought to bind its power with amulets, as amber was thought to bring fortune and victory. A symbol of the Sun, amber is also associated with royalty and otherworldly power. A amber gem of kingdoms and empires, it radiates the power given to it by the passing of time and is regarded as a source of prosperity and happiness.


Feel the warm weight of amber stone in your hand, how light it is, lighter than any stone and ever warmer, accumulating the heat of your palm. The power of past contained in the honey-coloured drops of amber is recognised and celebrated for its healing properties. Amber touches the true inner being, resonating in your soul and enhancing the inherent intuitive powers. The ancient light contained within becomes one with the wearer, making amber a source of vitality. The calm harmony of the vital energy contained in amber is soothing and meditative, bringing a rejuvenating effect when held near. For thousands and millions of years, properties of amber has been used in healing practices and as a vessel of positive energy, holding magical properties, warding off evil, and fighting the darkness.