ARISTOCRAT Lucky Charms necklace

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, we invite you to join us on a deeply personal and magical journey with our latest addition to the House of ARISTOCRAT jewellery: the enchanting Lucky Charms necklace. 

With freshwater pearls and five or fewer charms that hold the essence and symbols that define us. From the shining star charm that ignites the power in our souls to the magical unicorn charm that embodies purity, grace, and the enchantment of make-believe, each charm represents a facet of our journey and the wonders of life itself.

The Lucky Charms necklace features five charming pendants that you can choose from, allowing you to customise your necklace to your heart's desire. Each of the charms embodies a unique meaning and symbolism, making this necklace a stunning accessory and a talisman of good fortune and power.

Let Lucky Charms inspire you to create a jewellery collection that is as unique and captivating as you are.

lucky charm

Magical unicorn

The MAGICAL UNICORN, bathed in the glow of moonlight and surrounded by an aura of enchantment. With its graceful form and pure heart, it embodies the essence of magic and wonder, inspiring us to embrace the magical power of life.

As we bask in the unicorn's otherworldly presence, we are reminded of the power of play and the importance of embracing our youthful spirit. Its playful spirit encourages us to explore the world's mysteries and embrace the beauty surrounding us.

lucky charm


The DELICATE HEART symbolises the eternal power of love because love conquers all. It represents the purity of emotions and the connection we share with the people we hold dear.

lucky charm


The SHINING STAR embodies the power to shine and radiate the wonder surrounding us. Like a celestial body illuminating the night sky, it serves as a constant reminder of the boundless potential within us and the limitless possibilities that await us.

lucky charm


The TIMELESS AMBER gemstone is an exceptional material that is both delicate and powerful, with a rich history and alluring depth. This charm's mystical healing properties will envelop you in its enigmatic aura, bringing your soul an unmatched sense of balance, energy, and clarity. Amber radiates the power given to it by the passing of time and is regarded as a source of prosperity and happiness.

lucky charm


The DAINTY BOW evokes the power of elegance and sophistication of aristocracy. It is a symbol of refinement and style, perfect for any occasion. To turn an ordinary day into a magical celebration.





You can choose to have all five or fewer charms on your pearl necklace or each charm individually on a gilded chain. Express your unique style and values by mixing and matching the charms to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The options are endless, from the star charm that adds magic to your everyday wear to the heart charm that speaks of love. This versatile and interchangeable accessory can effortlessly elevate any outfit.