Coco Pearl White Linen and Amber Thread Embroidered Towel

Crafted in pearl white French linen the towel is delicate to your skin, has a high absorbency and is hypoallergenic. Paired with the calming powers of the amber thread it makes for the perfect towel. It is elegant, powerful and made to last for years.

Composition: 85% Linen, 15% Amber

Linen considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fabrics due to its long and complicated creation process furthermore it is also considered one of the most environmentally friendly. Our elegant French linen intertwined with the unique amber thread creates a wonderful unique lightweight fabric that works well in all environments and possess the ability to alleviate stress, ease pains, block ultraviolet rays, regenerate skin cells and improve the immune system. 

Give your hair a day off. Each order comes with a gifted luxurious and gentle silk scrunchie that won't damage your hair and will leave it feeling and looking its best.

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For any product customization, please contact us at

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