Alexandria Silk Pillowcase

Our deluxe silk pillowcases will ensure the most beautiful night’s sleep and have you waking up rested, gorgeous, and with your hair sleek and shiny. They are naturally hypoallergenic and prevent sleep wrinkles. Silk is an insulating fabric, therefore it will keep you warm in winters and fresh in the summertime.

Composition: 100% Silk.

Silk, one of the most luxurious natural fibers, has been praised since ancient times for its ability to slow down the aging process by keeping the skin and hair well hydrated. Especially encouraged for the night as it is said to reduce hair damage and wrinkles when sleeping on it. It also holds highly valuable hypoallergenic qualities.

Give your hair a day off. Each order comes with a gifted luxurious and gentle silk scrunchie that won't damage your hair and will leave it feeling and looking its best.

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For any product customization, please contact us at

Standard delivery period within 15 business days.

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