THE GOLDEN CITY digital fashion show.

It's here ARISTOCRAT AW22/23 collection THE GOLDEN CITY digital fashion show.

The couture collection ARISTOCRAT AW22/23 available this summer is a unique experience of glamorous yet timeless elegance, a true appreciation of luxury and the aesthetics of high fashion. An innovative digital fashion show is a unique first sneak peek in this collection that tells a tale of a journey we take within ourselves. A masterful lesson in storytelling, this collection is rich and lively in colour and imaginative and authentic in its abundance of different materials, showing pure joy of creation.

A dazzling flash of white like a lightning, and the magic of the night is hers to command. She knows her way now, a gilded path of light through sighs and murmurs of the night, through the rosy mists of the morning and blooming meadows of days. Her way leads into her own heart and beyond, a path of snowy white footsteps on endless black leading towards a golden light glinting and twinkling with every step she takes…Watch the AW22/23 collection digital fashion show below.